An art lecturer from Vilnius joins Liepaja University

From February 1 this year, the group of guest lecturers of Liepaja University has expanded, as a new lecturer from Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania), Vakaris Bernotas, has joined the project, and will be working with students from “Design” and “New Media Art” bachelor study programs.

V. Bernota’s activities at Liepaja University will be financed from the project “Improvement of the academic staff of Liepaja University in the fields of strategic specialization – natural sciences, mathematics and information technologies, art, social sciences, business and law” (No.

Currently, the guest lecturer works as a director at the Klaipeda Design Center and a professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Professor V. Bernota already met with the 1st year students of the bachelor’s study program “Design” in the autumn when he read the course “Self-marketing”. Even then, he admitted that he was excited about the students of this program:

A very talented and open-minded group of students. In a short time we have achieved excellent results, following a few simple principles: to collaborate, to learn from each other’s mistakes, to share and discuss creative ideas, to be tolerant, to listen and help each other, and to approach work with joy and smile.

The professor admits that this semester students will get acquainted with a more difficult study course “Self-brand”. The first task that the students coped with very well was to create a theatrical introduction about themselves as designers, but this will be visualized in the next lecture. The professor admits he cant wait to see what students will create:

It is not easy to get to know yourself, but it is a very good path, which is worth the effort and very important for every designer.

Within the project it is planned that V. Bernotas will develop and teach new study courses “Design, Design Methods and Visualization” in the study program “New Media Art”, “Art and Design History and Theory”, “Visual Design” and “Contemporary Design Theory” in the study program “Design”, as well as do research in the field of strategic specialization “Art”.

In total, two guest lecturers from Lithuania will be employed in the field of art at the Liepaja University within the framework of this project.

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