Guest lecturers from Klaipeda starts their teaching and research activities in LiepU

From 1st March three guest lecturers from Lithuania has started to work in Liepaja University (LiepU) – Tatjana Paulauskiene, Olga Anne and Rasa Viederyte from Klaipeda University. The guest lecturers will be giving lectures to LiepU master students in the strategic specialization area – Natural sciences, in the study programme “Ecotechnologies” and will carry out the scientific research.

Their stay is assured under the activities of the project “Perfection of the Academic Staff of Liepaja University in the Areas of Strategic Specialization – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Art, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law” (No

Yesterday the guest lecturers were meeting the director of LiepU professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” Lilita Abele, Head of the project Irina Strazdina and Coordinator of Foreign Affairs of the project Sintija Leigute to rediscuss the process of the project activities. 

Currently the guest lecturers together with Lilita Abele are developing the study courses “Industrial symbiosis and Clustering” (3 ECTS), “Economic activity’s environmental impact assessment” (3 ECTS) and “Environmental Technology” (3 ECTS), in order to make a common international study programme “Ecotechnologies” and so that the guest lecturers starting from September could give lectures in these new study courses to LiepU master students in “Ecotechnologies”.

The guest lecturers will do the research, as well will participate in conferences and publish scientific publications.

Tatjana Paulauskiene – associate professor in Engineering at Klaipeda University,  researcher in Environmental and Chemical engineering,  deputy dean for studies in the faculty of Marine technology and Natural science, knowledge and technology transfer specialist, innovative business development consultant, obtained a doctoral degree in Environmental engineering.

Olga Anne – professor in the faculty of Marine technology and Natural science of Klaipeda University, senior researcher in environmental management, economic activity’s environmental impact assessment, green innovation, has been an engineer and head of department of Air Emissions, obtained a doctoral degree in Technical sciences.

Rasa Viederyte – senior specialist in the Business management department of Klaipeda University, lecturer, owner and manager of an enterprise “Jurinis klasteris”, has obtained a doctoral degree in Economics.