LiepU academic staff is being expanded with a new guest professor from Vilnius

From 1st February, 2019, LiepU academic staff is being continiously expanded, especially in Art field, since a new guest professor Vakaris Bernotas from Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania) has arrived to work in Liepaja University as a foreign staff. The guest professor will give lectures in LiepU study programmes “Design” and “New Media Art”.

His stay is assured under the activities of the project “Perfection of the Academic Staff of Liepaja University in the Areas of Strategic Specialization – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Art, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law” (No

The guest professsor currently works as an Art director in Klaipeda Design Centre and as a professor at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

This week the guest professor has given lectures to 1st year students from the Bachelor study programme “Design” admitting that “this semester we will be going step by step towards a more complicated study course “Self branding”. The first exercise this year was a theatricalized introduction of each designer, which the whole course successfully realized. At the next lecture we will be continuing to visualize these introductions and I can honestly say that I am sincerely looking forward to that”. The professor’s point is: “Getting to know yourself is not easy, but it is a really important journey worth your effort, which is also extremely important to every designer.”

Prof. Vakaris Bernotas had also met these students last year in Autumn, when he had given a short course on “Self-marketing” and already then he was extremely pleased with all these students. He says that “from my perspective this is a really talented and open-minded course. Throughout a quiet of a short time we reached results which were simply excellent by obeying to only a few basic and simple academic level principals: cooperation  and learning all together from each other’s mistakes, always sharing our creations by discussing our work with the whole auditory, showing toleration to each other and to openly taking up any  ideas. Not critique, but a wish to help and the dedication to listen. The last principal was to do everything with happiness, fully armed with big bright smiles and only good vibes”.

During the project the guest professor will develop new study course “Design, design methods and visualization” (2 ECTS) of the study programme “New Media Art” and the study courses “Art and design history and theory” (2 ECTS), “Visual design” (1 ECTS) and “Contemporary design theories” (1 ECTS) of the study programme “Design”, as well as carry out the research.

In total there are 2 guest professors from Lithuania, who will be working as foreign guest professsors in LiepU Art field under this project.