Petras Saulėnas participates in European Photography project

Lithuanian guest lecturer of Liepaja University Petras Saulėnashas recently returned from international European art project called “Matera European Photography / Visions from Europe” in Italy, Matera city. It is an event that unites the iconographical knowledge and distribution of places, the original and contemporary visions of Matera and Basilicata. (

Twenty-eight students arrived in Matera city together with their professors from the most important Photography schools in Europe with an aim to carry out a research through means of photography. Each student made his own choice together with one professor, this way creating his own original and unpublished project. Besides, there was a moment of conversation and confrontation between the participants that was interesting also for the public, including organizations in the city such as schools and universities. In the end the concluded project and released work represent the creative contribution of authors, students and professors and their visual and expressive interpretation of the examined place. All the works produced are exhibited in several parts of the city of Matera and therefore given to the Comune di Matera.

P. Saulėnas admits that “by participating in art project “Matera European Photography / Visions from Europe” we can have a better quality in photography, better links and contacts, which is important for being a photographer, and this is also an interesting artistic experience for students, who study photo art. The guest lecturer admits that invitation to take part in this art project is a big honour”.

P. Saulėnasis an artist, specializing in the field of photography, a member of the Board of the Lithuanian Photographers’ Association and the Lithuanian Analog Photography Association, a graduate of MA degree in Media Art (Vilnius Academy of Arts). P. Saulenas is the founder of one of the photography study programmes in Lithuania, an associate professor, the founder and the curator of Bright & Showy gallery. His field of artistic research involves the analysis of photography phenomenon in the era of constant value shift with an emphasis on the re-evaluation of contemporary art context.

The guest lecturer started to work in Liepaja University from February, 2019, in the ESF funding project “Perfection of the Academic Staff of Liepaja University in the Areas of Strategic Specialization – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Art, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law” (No, in the area of strategic specialization – Arts.