Guest lecturer from Klaipeda University has started to teach in study direction “Environmental protection”

In the project “Perfection of the Academic Staff of Liepaja University in the Areas of Strategic Specialization – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Art, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law” (No the guest professor Olga Anne from Klaipeda University (Lithuania) has started to give lectures to Master study programme students of Liepaja University (LiepU) in the strategic specialization field – “Natural Sciences” and the guest professor has been working as a researcher already for half a year in this area at LiepU.

Currently the guest professor is giving lectures to 1st year students of the professional Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” in the study course “Economic Activities Environmental Impact Assessment” (3 ECTS). This course has been implemented for half a year, involving specialists from environmental field, including the study programme’s director of Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” Lilita Ābele. Moreover, the guest professor has been on a study excursion to Klaipeda city with students, introducing them with different Klaipeda enterprises and their work in this field.

The guest professor’s teaching activities at LiepU are planned for one more year. The guest lecturer together with two guest lecturers Tatjana Paulauskiene and Rasa Viederyte from the study direction “Environmental protection” have already published  together scientific research results in the collection of papers of scientific conferences during this project and will continue to do the academic and scientific research work.