Guest lecturers from Lithuania develop joint international study programme in LiepU

Currently three guest lecturers from Klaipeda University, Lithuania, – Tatjana Paulauskiene, Olga Anne un Rasa Viederyte in the framework of the project “Perfection of the Academic Staff of Liepaja University in the Areas of Strategic Specialization – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Art, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law” (No are working as academic staff in Liepaja University (LiepU) and intensively working on content of the study courses for a new joint international Master study programme “Ecotechnologies” (in English), involving specialists from environmental field.

It is planned that from September 2019 the guest lecturers will give new study courses – “Industrial symbiosis and Clustering”, “Economic activity’s environmental impact assessment” and “Environmental Technology” to students of LiepU Master study programme “Ecotechnologies”, but the new study programme could be open afterone and a half year.

It is foreseen that during the project each guest lecturer will participate in two international conferences with their scientific research on current problems in Environment  – “19th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geo Conference SGEM 2019”, which will be held in Bulgaria (28th June – 7th July) and International Conference “Innovations and Creativity” (6th-8th June) in Liepaja, Latvia.

The guest lecturers will publish their scientific research results in several collected articles of scientific conferences.

The director of LiepU Master study programme Lilita Abele explains: “The guest lecturers with  education of Engineering is immeasurable support for improvement of this study programme. We have had fruitful discussions, diversity of opinions, though the result is reached – study courses of the programme are becoming more interesting and contemporary.”