Guest lecturer from Bulgaria is giving lectures remotely

Within the European Social Fund project “Perfection of the Academic Staff of Liepaja University in the Areas of Strategic Specialization – Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Art, Social Sciences, Commerce and Law” (No the employed guest lecturer Radka Nachevafrom University of Economics – Varna in Bulgaria is currently giving lectures remotelyin the strategic specialization field – “Information Technology, Computer Technology Electronics, Telecommunications, Computer Control and Computer Science”. There has been made a very good and productive cooperation with LiepU Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). In the framework of this project the guest lecturer is actively developing study courses and conducting scientific research, by managing to participate already in two international conferences in a short time.  

Now Radka Nacheva is giving lectures to foreign students of the professional master study programme “Information Technology” in the study course “Business process modelling” (in the amount of 1 ECTS). Speaking about the lecture conducting remotely, the guest lecturer tells that the first lectures have passed well. „We were talking with students about software, they made a short video about it, and it is planned to acquire business process modelling and to use the Visual Paradigm software till the end of this semester. The biggest challenge I face by teaching remotely is to develop a system of study control for students, where will be combined practical tests with short theoretical tests and the practical project.”

In the scientific research the guest lecturer has made a lot of work. She jointly developed a report with LiepU FSE dean Anita Jansone, which was presented in the 4th international conference “Innovations and Creativity” organized by Liepaja University held from 4th until 6th June in Liepaja, and on 25th September she was participating also with a jointly elaborated report in the international conference “Human Resource Management in the Age of Digital Challenges” in the University of Economics – Varna in Bulgaria. It was a comparative research about problems regarding distance studies in LiepU FSE and in the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Economics – Varna. Radka Nacheva admits: „I really hope that this report from LiepU organized conference will be published in the electronic journal „Baltic Journal of Modern Computing” (BJMC) and the second report – in the proceedings of the Human Resource Management conference.

At the moment the guest lecturer is developing the study materials for the study course “Operation systems” about the Object-oriented modelling, as well as the materials for the study course “Business process modelling”.

Radka Nacheva admits: „I hope that in this study year LiepU students will work just as seriously as before, so that we could collaborate well together, to learn a new software and its control, to acquire another software and to carry out some useful projects. The previous semester advanced very well. I collaborated very well with Latvian students, they were very motivated and interested in acquiring new things. We carried out a few projects about object-oriented modelling languages, for example, the UML, and they done their tasks very well. Also in the study process I had a very good collaboration with international students from India, France and Ukraine. I really hope that I could return to Liepaja as soon as possible, as I really like Liepaja – it is so calm and peaceful city, very different from Varna in Bulgaria.”